Friday, June 27, 2008

My Walgreens trip

I went to Walgreens today, even though I still haven't received my rebate gift card from last month. I decided to change the scenario I'd originally planned out, since I have plenty of cereal, and bought trash bags and napkins instead. Additionally, the Walgreens I went to didn't seem to carry any chewable Maalox. But I love this Walgreens because the employees are so nice. There's a bigger Walgreens a couple of miles to the north, but I try not to go there since the employees aren't nearly as nice.

So here's how my scenario went:
1 Walgreens brand 250-count napkins - $2.39
1 Hefty 38-count trash bags - $6
2 Dixie paper plates - $7.98
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner - $1.50
1 Lysol kitchen spray - $2
2 Lysol wipes - $6
1 Walgreens GlucoShot - $1.99
Subtotal before coupons: 27.86
Coupons: 75 cents off Hefty; B1G1 at $3.79 Dixie plates; 50 cents off toilet bowl cleaner; 75 cents off kitchen spray; $1 off 2 wipes; $5 off $20 purchase (coupon total: $12.19)
Total after coupons & tax: $17.21

The wipes and GlucoShot qualify for monthly rebates ($1 for two wipes and $1.99 for the GlucoShot, respectively).

I also got the Catalina coupon for $3 off my next purchase of two Dixie plates. Since the cashier was so nice, I went back for four more packages and did two additional transactions using the Buy One, Get One coupon and the Catalina coupons (each purchase triggered another coupon). The cashier joked that I could be there all day repeating the transaction on the plates!

I paid $1.10 for each plates-only transaction, so my total at Walgreens today was $19.41, and I'll get $3.28 back as a gift card rebate . . . eventually.

Meanwhile, if I need to get the kids out of the house tomorrow and can't think of where to go . . . we might just head back to Walgreens for more paper plates. :)

You can find more drugstore deals at The "Cent"sible Sawyer.

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