Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday coupon for Walgreens: $5 off $20 purchase

The June 27 "Friday only" coupon is available at the Walgreens web site now. Note that it again contains the language requiring the pre-sales tax total be $20 after coupons.

I was planning to go to Walgreens anyway on Friday, but I wasn't planning on spending $20 after coupons, so now I'm trying to decide if there's anything worth spending money on. I will probably do the following deal, especially if my gift card with last month's rebate finally arrives in tomorrow's mail.

1 box Honey Nut Cheerios + 2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch - $7 (there's a weekly deal for buy 3 for $7, get $2 Register Rewards)
2 Dixie paper plates - $7.58
1 Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen - $2
4 Lysol wipes - $12
1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner - $1
Subtotal: $29.58
Coupons: 50 cents off Honey Nut Cheerios, $1 off 2 General Mills cereal, B1G1 Dixie coupon from ad, 75 cents off Lysol kitchen spray, 2 $1 off 2 Lysol wipes, 50 cents off Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, $5 off $20 purchase
Total after coupons: $16.04
Get: $2 RR for cereal, $3 Catalina coupon on two more Dixie plates, & 2 $1 monthly rebates for the wipes

I would take the $2 RR and do one more transaction:
2 Dixie plates - $7.58
1 Lysol kitchen spray - $2
Subtotal: $9.58
Coupons: B1G1 on the plates, 75 cents off the spray, $3 Catalina, $2 RR*
Total after coupons: 4 cents

Finally, there's one more wrinkle to the first transaction. There's supposed to be an overlap deal on Friday and Saturday, when the June and July EasySaver booklets are both in effect and you can use coupons from both books on the same item. On Friday and Saturday, Maalox 35-count chewables will reportedly be $3.99. There are $2 off coupons in each EasySaver booklet, and I have a $1.50 manufacturer coupon (there are apparently $2 manufacturer coupons out there also), so I would get overage of $1.51. I would buy two Maalox, since I have two manufacturer coupons, so my total overage would be $3.02, bringing my subtotal after coupons down to $18.02. To get back over $20, I would use the $1.99 weekly ad coupon for Edge shaving gel, along with a $1 manufacturer coupon, and the 2 for $1 Walgreens brand aluminum foil weekly ad coupon. That would get my new total up to $20.01, or $15.01 after the $5 off $20 purchase coupon.

*I've emailed Mercedes of Common Sense with Money (who knows everything about Walgreens) to see if it's going to be a problem that I have more coupons than items. I'll update when I hear from her, but it might not be before Friday since she's going on a trip. Mercedes says that since the Catalina coupon is off two items, the register might read it as two coupons. She recommends I bring a small "filler" item to the register, have everything but the filler scanned. If the coupon beeps, then I should have the filler scanned, then have the coupon scanned again. So that's what I'm going to do. Thanks so much, Mercedes, and have a wonderful trip!

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