Thursday, June 12, 2008

More on tomorrow's Walgreens $5/$20 coupon + my deal scenario

One Money Dummy Getting Smarter reports that tomorrow's Walgreens $5 off $20 purchase coupon can be used on stamps and photos. That actually makes it a pretty good deal for me, even with the new restrictions, since I have some money on a gift card from last month's rebates. So I've worked out the following deal:

1 Walgreens Gluco Shot - $1.99
2 Lysol wipes ($3.99 each) - $7.98 (I have a $1 off 2 manufacturer coupon; these make cleaning Alex's potty super fast and easy)
1 book of stamps - $8.40
2 canisters Quaker Oatmeal - $3 (using coupon in weekly ad)
Subtotal after coupons = $20.37
Use: $5/$20 coupon + approximately $7.50 on gift card
Total spent = approximately $8 plus tax

It's an excellent deal, when you consider the stamps alone are $8.40. And I'll get some money back for purchasing some rebate items this month: $1.99 for the Gluco Shot (#2 in this month's catalog) and $1 for two Lysol wipes (#34). I'll be giving the Gluco Shot to one of our grandmothers, who is diabetic.


  1. did you get this scenario?

  2. @Mercedes - No, I didn't go, because my May rebates hadn't loaded onto my gift card yet. I got an email from Walgreens on 6/7 saying that my card would be loaded within 4 days, but when I called yesterday morning to check, the balance was still $0. I was a little bummed, but it's never really a bad thing when I don't spend money.


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