Friday, May 30, 2008

Today's Walgreens Trip

See my update on using the $10 off $30 coupon for today at Chief Family Officer.

I wasn't sure if a trip to Walgreens would be worth it, since I can generally do better at CVS. But I had some time to kill this morning, so I headed over to Walgreen with all of my coupons. There are two things I wish I'd done differently: (1) printed out coupons from the June EasySaver booklet, since the store didn't have those out yet; and (2) tried to use the $10 off $30 coupon on a purchase that was just over $30 before all coupons. I assumed that my purchase had to total $30 after store coupons, but if I could have used store coupons in conjunction with the $10 off $30, I would have had an entirely different transaction and probably would have saved another $5 to $10.

As it was, I'm moderately pleased with the transaction below. My goal was to pay less than the list price for the special anti-dandruff shampoo that my dermatologist instructed me to use. The shampoo was $14.99. I paid $13.49 for the following:

Nizarol shampoo - $14.99
Huggies wipes - $2.50 (used 50-cent manufacturer coupon)
2 Chex mix - 99 cents each (used 1 $1 and 1 50-cent manufacturer coupon)
1 Schick Quattro for women razor - $9.99 (used $3 store coupon and $4 manufacturer coupon)
2 Fiber One bars - $1 each

Total: $31.46
Less coupons: - $10 off coupon & $9 in other coupons
Total paid: $13.49

I had another Huggies wipes in there for a total of $30.96 after store coupons, but my coupon for the wipes wouldn't scan. I had the cashier take the second box of wipes off my purchase, which fortunately didn't make the $10 off coupon reset. Because of that, I think I could have used the $10 coupon without accounting for store coupons, but oh well. I did get the shampoo for less than the shelf price, and all of the other stuff along with it.


  1. Great job!! I have always tried to have 30 after store coupons but I have never asked at my store what they want to see.
    This is what I got:
    8.99 one little swimmers diapers
    10.99 fibersure
    6.93 seven chex mix
    14.99 one touch mini
    -10 Wag 10/30 coupon
    -1.25 little swimmers q
    -5 fibersure Walgreens cat
    -6 chex mix coupons, I knew that the seventh coupon would beep so I didn't use it
    -14.99 one touch mini q
    =4.66 + tax. This is the most money I have given Wags in the last two weeks.


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