Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Drugstore Game: Walgreens Coupon + Tips

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This printable Walgreens coupon was in my inbox this morning: Get $10 off an in-store purchase of $30 or more on Friday, May 30, only.

Here are a few tips for using the coupon:

  • Combine it with manufacturer and store coupons. You can find printable store coupons in their online weekly ad. (It's the same as the circular in the Sunday newspaper.)
  • Have the $10 off $30 purchase coupon scanned first. The total needs to be over $30 in order for the computer to accept the coupon, so start with this coupon.
  • Make sure you have as many items as you do coupons. In other words, you can't buy 5 items and use 10 coupons. If you have more coupons than items, you can either put some items back or buy some inexpensive "fillers" like gum.
  • Chex Mix is on sale for 99 cents this week. Or at least that's many people are saying. I couldn't find it at the Walgreens nearest me, but it's a smaller Walgreens that doesn't carry everything. There are quite a few Chex Mix coupons out there, so you could get this very inexpensively. In fact, in Sunday's LA Times, there was one sheet of General Mills coupons that included one for $1 off two snacks, including Chex Mix.
If you're heading to Walgreens tomorrow, have fun and good luck! And come back and leave a comment on this post letting me know how you did. I love reading about everyone's successful shopping trips!


  1. Here is my plan for using the $10.00 coupon for Walgreens.

    Baby Formula for my granddaughter: Good Starts on sale for $23.99

    Chex Mix on sale for .99

    Two Excedrin at 2.99

    For a total of $30.96

    Then use my coupon - $10.00
    Less formula check 6.00
    Less Chex Mix coupon 1.00
    Less Excedrin coupons 5.98

    Which equals OOP of $ 7.98

  2. Wow, Amattes, that's really impressive! I love that you're basically getting the formula for a third of the sale price!


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