Saturday, May 10, 2008

More drugstore success - this time at Walgreens!

I did five total transactions at Walgreens this week, in two trips. They had an amazing P&G Register Rewards deal going on - if you bought a certain number of qualifying products, you got a corresponding amount in Register Rewards. I went for the big one: buy 9 products and get 2 $10 rewards. But the first Walgreens I went to didn't have 9 qualifying products that I wanted to buy, so I ended up buying 5 and getting $10. That first purchase went like this:

I bought:

  • five tubes Crest ProHealth toothpaste
  • two 20 ft. boxes of aluminum foil
  • and one small bottle of Dawn
With coupons, my total was $6.76 and I got $10 in Register Rewards. A few days later, I headed to a different Walgreens, and did four separate transactions. The first one went like this:
  • one Venus Embrace razor
  • one package of 3-oz. paper cups
I used a $4 coupon for the razor and the $10 Register Rewards, paid $1.48 out of pocket, and got $6 in Register Rewards (from buying the razor). Then I did the P&G deal again so I could roll the razor Register Rewards (note: you can't use Register Rewards on the same deal, i.e., I couldn't have bought more P&G products, used the $10 RR and received more RRs). So here's how the second transaction went:
  • five tubes Crest ProHealth toothpaste
  • three bottles Cascade dishwashing detergent
  • one box of 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
After coupons and the $6 Register Rewards, my total out of pocket was $6.36. I also got two $10 Register Rewards. If I'd been thinking straight, I would have bought only four tubes of toothpaste and gotten one $10 Register Rewards, although with coupons, I think the toothpaste was only 50 cents per tube. I used one of the $10 Register Rewards coupon for the following, my third transaction:
  • one Oral B toothbrush
  • one tube of Blistex
  • another package of 3-oz. paper cups
I used a $1 coupon for the toothbrush and the $10 RR and paid 98 cents out of pocket. (The toothbrush is one of May's free after rebate items, so I'll get $4.99 plus 10% back on my Walgreens giftcard.) I then took the last $10 Register Rewards and bought:
  • four cans of Spaghetti O's
  • three cans of Campbells condensed soup
  • one can of tomato paste
  • and one box of cereal
I donated all of the food to the Stamp Out Hunger food drive. Thanks to Mercedes at Common Sense with Money for the idea of using a RR to buy food to donate.

This is definitely the most success I've ever had at Walgreens. I spent a total of $16.54 and ended up with way more toothpaste than we will use in a year (I'll give some away), plenty of dishwashing detergent, food to give away, and more. And that doesn't even take the toothbrush rebate into account. The funny thing is, this is all it takes to make me feel rich! :)


  1. Great deals! I only went nuts buying the razors for myself but I did the P & G deal on some stuff my mom wanted and she was quite pleased I doubled her money in RR

  2. Wow, you did great! I ended up with 6 razors and only because I ran out of coupons. I don't know how much money I ended up making but it was quite a bit. I also ended up with a ton of things. I did spend around $50 on a GC because I bought things I needed for the house. but when I started rolling between the razor and the other PG offer I lowered my oop. I also had OOp because I ended up with 26 tubs of wipes and even with $1 off coupons that was $1 after coupon. I will use it all and I am even thinking of donating some of the wipes to the women's shelter. I am sure there will be another wipe deal and I have more than enough.


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