Saturday, November 03, 2007

Review: Vosges Chocolates - A tale of disappointment

I've seen Vosges Haut-Chocolat featured on TV several times in the last four or five years, including multiple times on the food network. The founder, Katrina Markoff, has also been a judge on Iron Chef America. Vosges is known for its unique flavor combinations, particularly an unusual use of spices. I have a friend, C., who is a self-described chocoholic and also extremely difficult to shop for since she is one of those people who has everything. Last winter, I hit upon the idea of sending her chocolates for a Christmas gift, and it seemed natural to send her a box of Vosges.

C. was thrilled when the chocolates arrived, but less enthused when I talked to her later. She said they tasted just okay and that See's Candies chocolates were actually better.

Shortly after I placed the order for C., we began receiving Vosges catalogs in the mail. The pictures and descriptions are amazing. Unable to resist the temptation, I headed out to Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, which sells a few Vosges products. I was hoping for the Caramel Marshmallows and a Macha Tea Exotic Candy Bar but since neither of those were available, I took home a box of Caramel Toffee. It was so disappointing. C.'s friend actually makes much better toffee that disappears in a matter of days in our house. The Vosges toffee lingered for months.

Although I'll never order from Vosges again, we do still enjoy receiving their catalogs - they really are food porn. And the best part is, we're not even tempted anymore.

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