Saturday, August 09, 2008

My CVS trips this week

This was maybe my very best week at CVS ever.

Here's what I got on Sunday:
1 Children's Advil - $5.79
1 Infant's Advil - $5.79
4 boxes Kleenex - $2.19 each, on sale buy one get one free
2 Colgate toothpaste - $2.99 each
1 CVS brand aloe lotion - $1.49
1 Excedrin Back & Body - $3.79

Total before coupons = $27.22

Coupons: 2x$1 off Colgate, 50-cents off 3 Kleenex, $2 off CVS skincare product, $2.50 off $10 pain reliever (CVS coupon)

Total after coupons = $20.22

I used $19.98 in ECBs from last week's free-after-ECB DVD deal, and paid 47 cents with a gift card. I received the following ECBs back: $11.58 for the Advil ($5.79 each - the monthly limit is two), $4 for the Colgate ($2 each), and $3.79 for the Excedrin (this might be regional). I've sent in for the mail in rebate on the Excedrin, so I'll actually end up with a profit of $3.37 on that after deducting the cost of the stamp.

I was particularly pleased with this shopping trip because I generally don't like having large amounts of ECBs. I always seem to end up burning some when I have to use a large amount at once. I'm still getting free stuff, so I can't complain too much, but I'm not very adept at rolling over amounts larger than say, $10 at one time. So I'm happy that I not only managed to roll over almost the entire $19.98, but that the ECBs I got back are in smaller amounts.

There were still some good deals this week, so I couldn't resist heading back today since I had to visit another store in the same mini mall. I was thrilled that they had everything in stock - probably because a couple of the shelves weren't labeled properly. I had to check the weekly flyer to make sure I was getting the right items. Here's what I got:

3 Crest ProHealth @ $2.49 each - $7.47
1 Carefree - $1.49
1 Tums QuickPak -$5.69

Total before coupons: $14.65

Coupons: $2 off $10 purchase, 3 75-cents off Crest ProHealth, $2 off Tums (CVS coupon)

Total after coupons: $8.40 + tax

I paid with the $4 and $3.79 ECBs that I received on Sunday, plus 85 cents on a gift card. And I received the following ECBs: $4.50 for the Crest ($1.50 each), $1.49 for the Carefree, and $5.69 for the Tums. That works out to a profit of $3.89. Ah, I love The Drugstore Game!

With the new $2 off $10 purchase coupon, I'll probably be shopping at CVS more so stay tuned for updates on my purchases. If you want to know more about the coupon, check out Mommy Making Money for the details.

Also, you'll receive a coupon for a free item on your first visit to CVS in August. I was hoping for the free sanitizer spray, but I got free aspirin instead. What did you get?

For more awesome CVS trips, check out The "Cent"sible Sawyer.


  1. Nice deals. Love the Advil deal at CVS this month. My kids are older, but these will make nice additions to Christmas gift baskets I am making up for family members with little ones.


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