Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Electrasol (with overage)

Thanks to Consumer World for alerting me to a great deal at Rite Aid this week:

Electrasol dishwasher detergent is on sale for $2.99. There is also a Single Check Rebate of $2.00 (#257) this month. And, there was a coupon for $2.25 off Electrasol in yesterday's newspaper, which turns the deal into a money-maker. You'll pay 74 cents at the store, and get $2 back on your SCR. Not bad!

(Note: Apparently not all areas got the $2.25 off coupon - I hope yours did!)


  1. Cathy, how many times can you do this? Is there a limit?

  2. Mercedes - It's a limit of one rebate. Alas!


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