Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why does CVS hate LA?

Alright, maybe "hate" is too strong. But seriously - this is the second time in the four months that I've been playing The Drugstore Game that everyone else has gotten deals that I haven't (along with everyone else in the Los Angeles area, if not all of Southern California).

At the end of May, CVS had an ECB deal with Revlon nail polish. For the first two days of the week, they gave $3 ECBs - except here.

This week, I keep reading about the Oral B power toothbrushes everyone's buying. They give $3 ECBs and are free after ECBs when you use the Buy One, Get One coupon that was in Sunday's paper. I have the coupon. But my circular omits the Oral B power toothbrush deal. Take a look at this page of the New York circular at I Heart CVS. The ECB deal in the upper left is simply missing from my circular.

I am thinking of skipping CVS completely this week. But the Revlon Buy One, Get One beauty tools deal is very tempting, since I could get four packages of nail files for free. (They are $1.99 each, and I have four $1 coupons.) The Buy One, Get One Energizer batteries are also an excellent deal - since I have two $1 coupons, I would pay $2.99 for two packages, which isn't bad at all.

So I'm thinking about going . . . but I'm also wondering, why does CVS hate LA?


  1. I read on the CVS forum at HCW that the people in Manhattan have it way rougher. Apparently they only get the monthly deals.

  2. Thanks, Mercedes. I guess that makes me feel a little better. But it also makes me want to know what the CVS powers that be have against the biggest metropolitan areas.

  3. Yeah, Manhattan has it real bad, and they need the savings! Also, NJ is never allowed the pharmacy gift cards that we all enjoy so much.

    It's not just you, Cathy! Oh--and I would offer to mail you some OralB Power toothbrushes, but I haven't found them in any of the four CVSs in town.

  4. Aw, Gina - that's so sweet! It's not like I even need them with all the toothbrushes I've already gotten for free, LOL. It's the principle of the thing, because I did want that Revlon deal a few weeks ago. I am seriously touched by the thought, though! Thank you!


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