Friday, May 23, 2008

Curiosity: How many giveaway prizes aren't received by the winner?

The blogosphere makes it so easy to enter giveaways that I've entered quite a few, and I've actually won a few times. It's really rather shocking, given that I'm the person who only wins a door prize if everyone is getting one.

But I've won two giveaways now where I never received my prize, and emails to the host site have been ignored. No, I won't name names, even though I am tempted! It's made me wonder, though, how often this happens.

In both cases, I responded as required. If I'd done something incorrectly and my prize was forfeited, I can accept that. It's the dead silence in response to my inquiring email that makes me, let's be frank, suspicious that these sites are not holding giveaways on the up and up.

So I'm curious:

Have you won a giveaway and not received your prize? Do you think there are sites out there holding giveaways without real prizes?


  1. Yes, I've won a few giveaways and haven't received my prize. I've emailed and let the host know and have received great responses just never the prize from the sponsor.

    I also wonder about the giveaways where they don't post the winners names after the drawing has been held. Did they do the drawing? Who won?

    I do have to say that the majority of giveaways I have entered and won there have been no problems.

  2. @Lace - Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I too have found that with the other half dozen or giveaways that I've won, there hasn't been any problem at all. But it's been twice in the last six months that I haven't received a prize nor a response from the host even. I would completely understand if the sponsor was the problem, but the hosts aren't even telling me that! They just never responded at all. Oh well.


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