Friday, March 07, 2008

My dumbest purchase ever: a Banana Republic fur hat

DebtKid wants to know what everyone's dumbest purchase was. His dumbest purchase is possibly a DS Lite with games, mainly because he didn't really have the money to buy it. Especially because he doesn't like handheld video game consoles. This means he doesn't use the DS Lite and just feels guilty about it. Now he's trying to turn it into something positive: he's using it to get traffic to his site by giving it away! To enter the giveaway, you just have to share your own dumbest purchase ever, either by posting about it or leaving a comment.

What's my dumbest purchase ever?

There are a lot of contenders. There's the navy blue double breasted suit that I bought my first year in law school - it wasn't cheap, and I hated the way it looked (why, oh why, did I buy a double breasted suit?!). Needless to say, I never wore it.

Then there was the yogurt maker. I actually used it quite a few times, but was never completely happy with the results. And it was a big pain cooking the milk and then cooling it down. I don't know if the yogurt maker even lasted a year in our house. But at least it was inexpensive. And it was, I suppose, something of a learning experience.

Other contenders include various kid-related items (manual breast pump and impractical baby clothes immediately come to mind), crafting items (for example: a sewing machine that served only to prove I will never be able to sew), and other clothing and kitchen items.

But the real champ is probably the Banana Republic fur hat that's still sitting in my closet. Have I mentioned that I live in Southern California? Where the weather doesn't get below 35 degrees? And that's only in the middle of the night in the dead of winter. How many times have I worn this hat? Never. I mean, I've put it on and laughed and enjoyed how it feels (it's adorable, of course - that's why I bought it!). But I've never worn it out of the house and I haven't even taken it out of the closet since having kids (except to take this picture).

I've de-cluttered a lot in the last several years, but I've held onto this hat simply because I like it. But I've come to realize while writing this post that it's time to let it go. Thanks for helping me de-clutter, DebtKid!

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