Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gifts for the Star Wars fan:

Marc and I are huge Star Wars fans, so we have quite a few related items in our house. Here are just a few gift ideas (contact me if you want more!):

  • R2-KT, or as I think of it, the pink R2-D2. Check out the web site and buy the actual toy here for only $9.99.
  • Republic Commando novelsby Karen Traviss. I read the first bookin this series when it first came out and it was excellent. Marc gave me the latest bookas a Hanukkah gift, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's a different look at the clone troopers than was given in the movies, and fans of the Republic Commando video gamewill probably get a special kick out of these books.
  • Star Wars miniaturesare a fun thing to collect, even if you don't play the board games. I don't. I simply display my favorite miniatures on my desk.
  • The Clone War Adventurescomic books are lighter and faster reading than the Republic Commando books, and in the wonderful artistic style featured in the fantastic cartoonversionthat was on the Cartoon Network a couple of years ago.
  • Finally, the Star Wars Kids web site has relatively easy craft projects that you can make to give to the Star Wars fan in your life. I made the Yoda doll last year, and Marc loved it.

Disclosure: The Amazon links are affiliate links, the others are not.

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